CFRs Part 210 and 211 : cGMPs for Finished Pharmaceuticals

cgmp cfr 210

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Dive deep into the nuances of pharmaceutical manufacturing regulations with this certified eLearning course, focused on the FDAโ€™s CFRs 210 & 211. Understand the distinctions between these regulations as they detail various aspects of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process.

Course Highlights:

  • Complete breakdown from the general provisions to records and reports.
  • Insights into the control of components, packaging, labeling, and more.
  • Practical understandings of the regulations for both Operations Leaders and Quality Managers.


Guided by Dr. Ciaran McEnister, a seasoned Pharmaceutical Executive boasting over 25 years in regulatory compliance, learners gain a comprehensive perspective. Dr. McEnister’s extensive tenure at top-tier firms ensures this course is steeped in real-world expertise.

This course is suitable for anyone working in manufacturing/operations or Quality Control for pharmaceutical products marketed or distributed in the United States (US).

On successful completion, attendees earn a downloadable and traceable Certificate of Completion that you can share on linkedin or your personnal HR records. Embark on a self-paced regulatory journey now and enhance your expertise in the US FDA requirements for finished pharmaceuticals.




Overview of 21 CFR Part 210 & 211

Lesson 1: Subpart A โ€“ General Provisions

Lesson 2: Subpart B โ€“ Organization and Personnel

Lesson 3: Subpart C โ€“ Buildings and Facilities

Lesson 4: Subpart D โ€“ Equipment

Lesson 5: Subpart E โ€“ Control of Components and Drug Product Containers and Closures

Lesson 6: Subpart F โ€“ Production and Process Controls

Lesson 7: Subpart G โ€“ Packaging and Labeling Control

Lesson 8: Subpart H โ€“ Holding and Distribution

Lesson 9: Subpart I โ€“ Laboratory Controls

Lesson 10: Subpart J โ€“ Records and Reports

Lesson 11: Subpart K โ€“ Returned and Salvaged Drug Products





Dr. Ciaran McEnister
Senior Pharmaceutical Executive with 25+ years of experience in medical device development. Translational Research, Pharmaceutical development, Pharmacologic/Toxicologic and Preclinical research and Regulatory compliance of small and large molecule drug candidates. Dr. McEnister has an extended experience as senior quality manager.


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