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Dive into the core of quality systems with our comprehensive GxP Bundle, designed to equip professionals in the regulatory, quality assurance, and compliance sectors with foundational knowledge and practical insights. This three-course series meticulously covers Good Clinical Practice (GCP), Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), offering a deep dive into the vital aspects of each standard.

Discover the critical areas governed by each set of practices and explore how they integrate to uphold product quality. Our courses not only detail the intricacies of US & EU regulations but also draw insightful comparisons with international standards, broadening your regulatory understanding on a global scale.

Ideal for newcomers or seasoned professionals in fields such as laboratory management, clinical operations, or any related department, this bundle lays a robust foundation for ensuring compliance and enhancing quality in every aspect of your operation.

Enroll in our GxP Bundle today to solidify your expertise in these fundamental practices and drive excellence in your professional journey.

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Marc Estrow
Marc Estrow is an Oxford University graduate from the department of pharmacology with over 20 years’ experience in drug safety & pharmacovigilance, who specializes in global safety compliance, business process improvement and signal detection. He has worked with over 50 clients in the US, France and United Kingdom. He is a featured speaker at conferences and webinars on drug safety topics including auditing and reporting.
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