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Understanding GMP requirements should be your priority to maintain high-GMP standards in your company. It’s simple – you have to do it and you and your team must comply. In the health sciences there is no margin for error or tolerance for carelessness. This training will provide all the needed materials to improve your GMP practices.

15 people max

Webinars: 2 days / Remote : 6h to 8h 

After the training you get an analytic reporting on the GMP skills of all the participants.

Webinars Curriculum

• Webinar 1 : We stem from with your context. What are the regulations governing Good Manufacturing Practices in regards of your business ? Let’s look at your responsibilities and pertinent GMP topics as per the code of Federal Regulations.

• Webinar 2 : how to prepare for a GMP / FDA Inspection ?

• Reporting : Analysis of the report about the GMP skills of all the participants


FDA inspectors consider CAPA as a key dimension of Quality Control. Your objective is that your Quality Team is trained on CAPA so as to implement Continuous Improvement and get ready for an Inspection. Reading on CAPA is not enough. We offer a complete program to help you reach that level of readiness :

15 people max from your company only

Webinars: 2 days / Remote : 6h to 8h 

After the training you get an analytic reporting on the CAPA skills of all the participants.

Webinars Curriculum

• Webinar 1 : We stem from with your context. How are Corrective Actions connected with your Change Management ? How is Preventive Action connected with your Risk Management?

• Webinar 2 : how to escape from classic traps through rational analysis of one of your root cause in a CAPA situation (the 5 “WHY?” model).

• Reporting : Analysis of the report about the CAPA skills of all the participants 

At GxP Training, our team can build on demand custom training programs. Those specific custom courses will include the following learning activities:

  • Online e-learning modules
  • Live webinars with our top QA experts
  • An Assessment quiz  
  • A detailed reporting with the managers in order to debrief on your QA topic issues and perspectives.
  • A compliant certificate is delivered to each learner who completed successfully the quiz


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Your Quality System Compliance Expert & Trainer

Dr Patrick Jonvel

Patrick JONVEL spent more than 40 years in Pharmaceutical Industry, working for different company in activities covering the entire product life cycle, from clinical development to drug manufacturing and distribution, including analytical development, quality control, IT quality, drug manufacturing.

In his last position he was global Director for Quality System and had the responsibility during more than 14 years to design and roll out the quality system at global level in order to add value through effective quality processes, acting as a catalyst to accelerate progress and educating people in operating in a unified and efficient quality system.

He has a wide experience with regulatory inspections and a strong knowledge in interacting with regulatory investigators. He is recognised as an expert in quality management, regulatory compliance but also in educating adults and developing and evaluating competencies.

He developed more than 100 training courses covering all aspects of GLP/GMP/GDP/ Part 11 Compliance, etc. and delivered more than 40.000 hours training in French and English during the last 10 years using e-learning, webinars and face to face sessions. 

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Experienced authors

Our courses are written by professionals with experience in regulatory affairs, medicine, or pharmacology and have been reviewed by a quality assurance analyst.

Interactive Content

Our contemporary courses are designed to be interactive and engaging featuring clickable images, voice overs, and videos. Each course also includes check- yourknowledge quizzes

Certified Evaluations

Encrypted certificates that cannot be plagiarized are delivered to each learner upon successful completion of the course. This certificate can be presented to American and European auditors.

100% Online

These courses can be completed on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone simply with a standard internet connection.

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